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Namecards (Offset Print)


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Offset Print
Offset printing is of higher quality than digital printing because of the way these presses transfer ink to the paper. Business cards printed on an offset printer have clean, crisp lines because a plate transfers the business card text and images to a rubber sheet, which is then pressed directly to the paper.

Business card offset printing is also very fast and inexpensive – as the quantity increases, the price per business card can drop dramatically; however, this is only true when printing more than 200 business cards. Anything below that can become rather expensive on an offset press, because it takes time and costs money to set up the printing press for a new job. This is a one-time fee for each job, so once you exceed a certain order volume the fee is negligible and you can get the best quality for the best prices available.


Name cards are essential in promoting a business. They serve as mini portfolios that promote your skills to intended recipients. This is why it is important to design the name card creatively and purposefully. You should give a lot of time and energy to the project of designing your name card. There are many important factors to consider when designing your business card.

The Shape And Size Of The Card – The standard business card size is 88mm x 53mm. This could be either horizontal or vertical oriented. Even though many businessmen tend to prefer vertical designs, horizontal designs are traditional. There are so many benefits of confining your card to the standard size. First, it saves money. Secondly, they are easily recognizable for what they are. Thirdly, they fit the majority of card holders available on the market. You can deviate from the standard measurements if you want to. The latest technology has added so many features to the traditional name card, and you can add whatever feature to yours. Make sure not to make them too complex that they beat the original purpose of a name card.

Color And Style Of The Card – This is another important factor to consider when designing your business card. The business card should resemble the other marketing materials in your organization where style and colors are concerned. If your business organization has a standard color code, it should be used for the name card too. Keep in mind that the colors you choose may impact the print quality and cost of the project in the final analysis. Choose the color and style of the card carefully, so that it doesn’t impact the other functions of your business. It is best to experiment with different styles and colors to obtain the best combination for your business card.

The Printing Method – There are so many printing methods available today thanks to the latest technology in the industry. The appropriate name card printing method will play a big role in determining the appearance, cost and quality of your name card. Most people prefer the Offset or Digital printing methods for best results. Choose the technology that compliments the purpose of the card and the allocated budget. The technology you decide to use may mostly depend on your allotted budget for the project. Careful planning can help you get the best results from your business card printing project.

Information To Be Included On The Business Card – There are some important information that should be included on your name card if you are to derive the best benefits from it. This can differ according to the type of business or service you provide. But whatever information you decide to include should not overcrowd the card. It should be done in an artistic manner to attract the attention of the customer. Some of the important information that should be included is:

. The slogan or tagline of your business
. Your name
. Your position
. Business address
. Telephone, fax, mobile and email address
. Company website
. Background image and company logo
. Professional memberships and certifications
. Twitter username etc.

In conclusion, a name card is one of the most important components that help promote your business. Designing a business card should be done with utmost care. There are so many important factors to consider in this regard. This article highlights some of the most important factors to consider when designing and printing your name card.

Paper Type

260 gsm Artcard, 310 gsm Artcard


Single, 2-Sided


Matte, Glossy

Round Corner

None, Type A, Type B, Type C


200, 300, 500, 1,000, 2,000, 5,000


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