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Company Official Letterhead A4

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A letterhead forms the header at the top of a letter. From a business’ perspective, the letterhead usually includes a company logo and the name of the company. It may also include the postal address and postcode, or contact email and telephone number.

You’ll find that any kind of written communication you have with the business will come in the form of a letter, which has the company’s own letterhead at the top. So now you know what a letterhead is, let’s take a look at why it is so essential to your business and what makes a good design.

Why a letterhead is essential

Company logo

Your company will have a logo for a reason. This image will define your brand or the service you provide, and will help customers to recognise you. So by putting your company logo on your business stationery, you’ll expose your brand and what you stand for, giving you greater brand awareness in the industry and among your customers.

Backs up your brand identity

Every company wants its customers to know that it offers the best service or the cheapest products. Your letterhead therefore needs to reinforce your brand message.

If your brand is all about providing a luxury, bespoke service, for example, you should ensure that your letterhead reflects this, whether that’s with a sleek design, or an interesting colour and font. Once you’ve earmarked the particulars, make sure to stick to them across all of your business’ communication for coherency.

Shows authority and legality

Not only does your company letterhead show who you are and helps to identify your brand; it should also be used for all official documentation. It reinforces your brand’s authority and gives the remainder of the letter credibility.

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